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What’s Up on The Scruff?

Here's what your LHP family has been up to lately... Residents at Harriman Gardens in Harriman, TN had a great time at Good Times hosted by our friends at Legacy Housing Foundation. Elisa Merritt, Regional Manager, held active shooter training for staff in Nashville,...

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Invest Your Talents Where There is Need

Have you given thought to investing your talents where people need them the most? Poverty can be found in every city in America. No city can escape it. Drive around any populated city at night and you will find people living in make-shift homes made from cardboard....

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What to Do in Tough Times

There might be a period in your life when you will experience tough times and when it happens, you will be faced with a series of questions. What do I do? Who can I turn to for comfort? How do I respond? All of these are legitimate questions that can weigh heavily on...

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