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As another new feature on The Scruff, we thought it would be nice to provide some information about the many property rehab projects that LHP completes each year.

To kick this off, we will start with one of our most recent projects:

The 1100 Studio Apartments (formerly Townview Towers) rehab project began in August 2014.

The rehab was completed in November 2015.

An estimated $29,142 was spent to rehab each unit – that’s over $8 million!

The General Contractor was Empire Construction, out of Knoxville.

kitchen before kitchen after

Check out more photos of this great transformation on the Photo Galleries page.

David Thomas, now an LHP Area Manager, was the Community Manager at the time the rehab began.

In November 2014, Terri Light transferred from Lynnwood & Lynnridge Apartments in Elizabethton, TN to become the Community Manager at the property.

The 1100 Studio Apartments are located at 1100 Lula Powell Drive in Knoxville, TN.

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Lindsay B