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Browsing through the holiday cards that my wife, Brenda, and I received this year one particular card caught my attention and brightened my day.

I was mesmerized by the detailed design used to fashion this holiday card. It had a white dove carrying in its beak a banner printed with the words “Peace on Earth.” The dove was depicted flying effortlessly across the sky, silhouetted against a backdrop of earth and peaceful setting of houses, trees and animals. Above the earth was the moon surrounded by stars which gave the scenery a feeling of serenity.

The design inspired me and my belief that earth was created by a supreme power with a goal of having people and all living things together in an environment filled with peace and absent from chaos and confusion. The designer’s vivid imagination of peace on earth captured this thought with a scene where all things created were in harmony with each other.

As we begin anew to celebrate many occasions in this New Year, let’s together embrace the notion of peace on earth and place these words at the forefront of our memory in everything that we do. So, be persistence in your prayers. Praying for the same things repeatedly does not show a lack of faith nor does praying multiple times for the same request show any deficiency on your part but rather persistence in the face of trials produces a character that enables us to have hope that ‘Peace on Earth’ can be a reality.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten