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The Big Game will be here in 9 days!

super bowl 50

With that in mind, we thought the newest Flea Scratcher trivia should involve some talk of FOOTBALL.

We have 2 components to trivia this time around…per usual, feel free to answer the trivia question:

denver broncos


carolina panthers

Who will win the Super Bowl & what will the final score be?

ALSO, we will be having a football board.

There is no cost to join & prizes will be given out to the winner of each quarter.

All employees are eligible to participate in both parts.

If you want to get on the board or take a stab at the trivia question, send me an email by Thursday at 4:00 Eastern.

Community Managers: please round up all of your staff’s full names & answers in one email.

The completed board will be posted on The Scruff Friday, February 5th.

Good luck!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B