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We all know how essential customer service is in our industry.

Whether it’s answering questions over the phone, showing an apartment, helping a potential applicant, or assisting a current resident, one of LHP’s biggest goals is providing superior customer service.

Continuing in our life hacks series, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Smile

Smile naturally…it’s not only contagious, it will help your customers feel at ease while allowing you to come across as friendly & approachable.

Remember, you don’t have to limit smiling to face-to-face interactions.

Try smiling while you are talking on the phone, your voice sounds different & customers will be attracted to your cheerful & enthusiastic personality.

2. Treat employees as you would customers

As a manager, remember that your employees are also your customers.

As evidenced at Zappo’s (online shoe store known for stellar customer service), they treat their employees as they are trained to treat customers. This makes the employee feel appreciated & part of the team, so they willingly take on more responsibility.

Also, don’t forget to publicly recognize employees for a job well done…this is another component to helping employees not feel like “a cog in a wheel” but a part of the larger picture for the company.

(hint, hint: The Scruff has an Above & Beyond feature)

3. Listen

Listen intently to customers needs & help find the best solution.

Often, they just need another person to help guide them – remember Customer Relations is an excellent resource.

4. Be an expert in your job & be true to your word

If you work in the leasing office, be sure you can answer any question that an applicant or resident may have (or direct them to someone who is able to assist them).

Ensure you are familiar with all policies and procedures, so as to not risk giving out bad information.

Never offer a customer something you will not be able to provide.

If any information about a customer’s circumstance changes, let them know as soon as possible.

5. Anticipate customers needs

A small gesture can go a long way, especially with a first-time customer.

Offering a hot cup of coffee on a frigid day is a great way to stick in the mind of your customer…you thought ahead & were able to provide them something that may not be at the forefront of another property management staff’s mind.

What are some of the ways that you provide outstanding customer service?

Send me an email & let me know your tips.

Looking forward,


Lindsay B