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This week’s Pup, Close and Purrsonal comes from Aleah Shrigley, Regional Property Manager, who during Christmas welcomed a 9-week-old Holland Lop rabbit to her family. She named her “Jovie” after the female lead in the popular holiday movie “Elf.”

Initially, Aleah was looking to adopt a puppy. But her heart did a flip-flop when the bunny hopped onto her lap. Jovie has found a warm burrow in their hearts and home, says Aleah, adding “she is the missing piece to our brood of furry family members.”  Leigh and her fiancé also have Gemma and Piper, a dog and cat featured in the June 21, 2021 Pup, Close and Purrsonal.

Jovie plays hide and seek under the pillows with mom, purrs when content and is learning to use a litter box. As a child, Aleah’s family always had rabbits, and playing and caring for Jovie has brought back many happy memories.”

“Once it all started coming back to me on how much joy they bring and how easy they are to care for, I decided to start my own rabbitry called “Babalu Bunnies,” she says excitedly. She is adopting a second Holland Lop rabbit named Olly. Not only does she plan to breed the pair, but she plans to incorporate them into her Yoga therapy classes. The new business, “Babalu Bunnies,” will be hopping soon.


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