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No person is an island and no community thrives without connections to others. Recent activities at LHP Communities are great examples of the power of connectivity:

Harriman Gardens lets “good times” roll for residents

Legacy Housing Foundation, a Knoxville nonprofit organization founded in part by LHP, brings “Good Times” programs to affordable housing communities in East Tennessee. Residents pick up essential household and personal care products as well as fresh fruit in a fun, party-style atmosphere where they also enjoy visiting with neighbors.

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Chaplain presents “Coping with Grief” class for Evergreen Villas

LHP’s very own Chaplain, Dr. Walter Ghosten, has words of wisdom and support he shares with people coping with the loss of loved one. Evergreen Villas is one of the most recent LHP properties to host Walter and his program. The community room was full for the presentation and Walter gave residents copies of his book, Words From Walter, Volume 6.

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Trevecca Towers resident advocates for homeless

Howard Allen, a resident at Trevecca Towers, is tireless in his efforts to promote better ways of life for people who are unhoused or living in unsafe situations. Howard was once without a home. Trevecca Community Manager Karen Kiefer says they are all very proud of Howard who does “an amazing job by giving back to his former community.”  In a recent Nashville TV news report, Howard beams with joy over the recent announcement that TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program, is extending dental benefits to adults.