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We are living in an era that is much different from any others. Our government is shut down over political differences. One side is disputing whether or not a wall with an initial price tag of $5 billion is necessary and of course, the other side is of the opinion that the cost doesn’t matter so long as our borders are secured.  

The government shutdown has caused hundreds of thousands of workers to be furloughed or to work without pay causing enormous suffering to families across the country. The political parties are at a stalemate and neither side is giving an inch.

Our nation has always had people with different opinions on issues. It is one of the ideas woven into the fabric of our society.  It brings to mind a story about a man who caught quails and would sell them at the marketplace. The story brings to light how vitally important it is for people to work together to achieve their goals. And so, I find the story to be enormously relevant in today’s political climate.

Legend has it that a small party of quails lived in a forest. The birds were happy there except for their enemy, the quail catcher. He would imitate their call causing the quails to gather together. Then he would throw a net over them, stuff them into his hunting basket, and carry them off to market. Finally, a wise old quail said, “Brothers and sisters, I have a plan.” “What’s your plan?” they asked.

“When the quail catcher throws his net over us, we should all put our heads into a section of the net together and start flapping our wings. That way we can lift it as one and fly off with it,” said the wise quail. The birds all agreed, and the next day they did exactly that, making a successful escape. When the quail catcher’s wife asked where were the quails to take to market, he replied, “When they all got together there was no stopping them.”

Working together is paramount for success in any endeavor.  Individual egos and self-interests must be put aside for the good of the overall venture. Offer praise for other team members’ strengths, be dependable and stay focused on the bigger goal. When we work together there’s no stopping us so Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten