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Congratulations go out to the Denver Broncos after their win at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday!

Now, onto the more important winners – the LHP employees who won the Flea Scratcher trivia & Football Board.

The game’s final score was 24 to 10. Two of our employees had the closest guess, 21 to 10.

  • Breana Schmitt @ Summit
  • Laura Canedy @ Corporate

The football board was completed in alphabetical order, with a random number generator in charge of issuing the numbers.


As we know, our Chairman had offered to pay in $50 for each square he won, but it looks like luck wasn’t with him in this game.

Nevertheless, here are the winners from the football board:

  • 1st Quarter – Theresa Little @ Hickory Hollow Towers
  • 2nd Quarter – Joan Cambeses @ Westview Towers
  • 3rd Quarter – Johnneta Fenderson @ The 1100 Studio Apartments
  • 4th Quarter – Robin Brown in Property Management

All winners will receive a $20 Gift Card.

I will send those in the mail this week!

Thanks to everyone who played, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Looking forward,


Lindsay B