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Here’s another thoughtful message from LHP’s Chaplain Walter Ghosten. Did you know that Chaplain Ghosten is available to talk to any LHP employee who needs a listening ear? You can contact the Chaplain at or 865.806.4424.

Not everyone who goes to the gym to work out with a professional training instructor can lift the same amount of weight or exercise with the same amount of energy. The training instructor will know each person’s physical condition and will add weight to the exercise as they develop the strength to handle more. A good instructor will push the person to their limit, but the instructor will never add one weight more than the person can handle.

Likewise everyone in life cannot handle the same grief, disappointments, and stresses in their daily lives. A good instructor will set up a plan to develop the person according to their abilities and work according to a plan. The instructor not only knows the right technique; they know how much weight needs to be added in order to get you to the next stage of development. They will let your strain, shake and sweat, but they won’t let you break.

There are times in life that we find ourselves bombarded with the weight of just making it through the day. While we are focused on temporary stuff like getting a better house, new car or different job, perhaps we should have something entirely different in our mind. Our spiritual life is a transformation.  Every day, we are being transformed into an ever-increasing glory, which comes from our faith belief.

So whenever you find yourself bombarded with the stresses in life, find yourself a good life instructor—such as a spiritual counselor, a friend or family member.  Find someone who understands your limitations, who listens and who can help you develop an achievable plan to help you through the difficult times.

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten