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The wellbeing of our employees and residents is important to LHP. Now LHP is pleased to announce the start of a new Chaplaincy Program which is designed to provide emotional support and encouragement for individuals in times of crisis.

The LHP Chaplaincy Program is being led by Walter Ghosten, an ordained minister, who currently serves in a dual role as Chaplain and The 1100 Studio Apartments Resident Services Coordinator.  Chaplain Ghosten will become fulltime Chaplain April 1.

Chaplain Ghosten’s services are available to all LHP employees now and initially to residents of four Knoxville communities: Pinnacle Park, Ridgebrook, The 1100 Studio Apartments, and Westview Towers. LHP is working to expand the program to cover all communities.

Look for and enjoy a new weekly post on The Scruff written by the Chaplain.  The posts will run in Thursday’s blog and can also be found on Chaplain’s Corner, a new Scruff Feature you can see here.

Chaplaincy Program Nurtures Compassion in Our Communities

There is no single issue more important for our personal or corporate survival today than the matter of unconditional caring, compassion and acceptance. It is crucial to our community of housing for survival; furthermore, it is crucial to the survival of every institution and structure.

My greatest model of caring, compassion and acceptance in my life was my mother and father. Throughout my childhood, I had the rich privilege of watching my father express his love to our family and others living in the small community of Scarboro near Oak Ridge, Tenn. where I grew up.

Growing up in a home and community where love, acceptance and understanding were regularly experienced, helped shape me into the person that I am today, and I am forever grateful.

We now live in times where many individuals and families are without support systems such as mine. Fortunately, some businesses such as LHP Capital have embraced social responsibility to change the culture.  LHP Capital is not only renovating apartments and improving buildings, it is striving to create healthy environments in which to live and work.  This may include programs to ensure residents have food, clothing and everyday household essentials, activities to encourage socialization, and yes, even counseling to support the spiritual needs of their residents and employees.

LHP Capital is now investing resources to ensure their employees and residents have access to the unconditional compassion and acceptance of a caring community through the services of a new Company Chaplaincy Program.  We are hopeful that anyone who has the need for a counselor, or just someone to talk with, will take advantage of this new program by contacting me at 865-806-4424. I check my voicemail personally and all messages are confidential.

Together, let’s ensure that our housing communities are filled with unconditional caring, compassion and acceptance.


By Chaplain Ghosten