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What could be better than helping a good friend get a great job? Getting paid for it! That’s the beauty of LHP’s Employee Referral Program which rewards employees with a cash bonus when they refer a qualified candidate that ultimately leads to a hire.

Last year referrals from LHP employees resulted in 15 new hires! Studies show employee referral programs are one of the best ways to recruit new employees. Not only is it less expensive and faster to hire people this way, but referred employees are typically above-average quality. Simply put, good employees know other good employees.

“It’s a really nice bonus,” says Lara Lundy, LHP Due Diligence Coordinator, who recommended Andy Doty, a friend and former colleague, for LHP’s Manager In Training (MIT) program in early 2020. Lara not only worked with Andy for several years at an outdoor recreation company, she also was one of his direct reports when he was a manager. She could vouch for his leadership style and work ethic. The MIT program was highly competitive and while Andy wasn’t chosen, he remained on Human Resources’ recruitment radar.  When another position in property management became available, Andy was called back for an interview and hired as Leasing Agent for The 1100 Studio Apartments. When the referral check arrived, Lara was surprised.

“I’d completely forgotten about it,” Lara says. “I was mostly just excited that he got the job working for us. It’s a good fit for him and for LHP.”

LHP’s Employee Referral Program pays a $300 referral bonus if your referred candidate is hired. To participate, you must submit a completed Employee Referral Form to Human Resources.  For questions about the referral program, please contact Brandon Gann at