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If you need a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day, check out the huge variety of holiday treats given to residents at Clear Springs. Cupid (aka Community Manager Jennifer Brown) has been busy all week sharing the love to 100+ families at the Knoxville property.Valentine’s Day is not just for the romantically inclined. It is an opportunity to show your appreciation to any special person in your life, which in turn is good for you! Research shows that people who are more grateful have better heart health and more disease-fighting cells in their bodies.

While most retailers are promoting romance, you’ll find some items appropriate to give to a friend or coworker to let them know you care or keep it simple and send a thank you note. A sincere thank you message can make a person’s day. Just ask Tamakieta Monroe, Community Manager at Southside Manor in South Fulton, TN, who receives a regular dose of sweetness from the families at her property. She shared this cute card with The Scruff. ”I really appreciate the monthly thank you cards from my residents.”