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We have all heard people say, “the Lord told me,” and it turned out not to be so. As a result, we have become doubtful and cynical. However, God does speak through people, so let’s not allow doubt in someone’s credibility rob us of vital input, and  in many cases, the very input that we need.

Speaking truth is paramount in leadership. Effective leadership begins with authentic and purposeful leaders. In a day when examples of ineffective and inauthentic leadership abound, it stands out when leaders truly understand their purpose and then authentically guide and empower others out of this sense of purpose.

When authentic and purposeful leaders focus on the priority of the people with whom they work, great things can happen. This is how speaking truth to the spirit manifests itself through the importance of leaders and followers working together toward effectively accomplishing an organization’s mission.

In order for leaders to hear from God, they must (1) desire it above all else, (2) eliminate mental clutter, slow down, and take time to understand what he is saying to you, and (3) believe that God will actually speak to them. If you don’t believe, you will be left to the mercy of your own best thinking or be influenced by others who think just like you.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I have a dream,” spoke about several spiritual revolutionary issues. The speech was intended to raise awareness of the problem of inequality and to give Americans hope and faith that one day everyone, black and white, would be equal. In the speech, King says that when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, it gave hope for millions that had experienced injustice and inequality.

As a leader of a great movement, King answered the question about speaking with truth in the pursuit of a mission or goal while leading others. How can the leader know what they are hearing is from God? Because it will always agree with the word of God. So as servant leaders always speak truth to the spirit coming from God. And Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Dr. Walter Ghosten