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This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day! It’s a time of year for joy and happiness. It’s a time of year for repairing rocky relationships. It’s the time of year when each of us confirms our true feelings to our spouse, our children and others through the giving of gifts, cards, jewelry or candy. But why do some wait until a particular time of year to express their deepest feelings? Should Valentine’s Day be celebrated just for the purpose of merchants selling their merchandises? I suggest not.

The expression of love is something that we should embrace year-round and not just during a special week. When you are in a love relationship with your spouse or children, you are obligated to show your unconditional support to them year-round. Your love expressed to them means accepting them in the strongest way possible. It means supporting them in anything and everything, even when you may not agree on the matter. It means not looking for something better or seeing what’s out there that’s better financially or better looking. It means that you are committed to that person and the relationship because they complete you in every possible way.

Often, we think only of having a loving relationship with family or others; however, loving yourself is just as important as loving another. In fact, real love is more about loving one’s self because it is impossible to truly love others if you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself means that you are always being true to yourself and never shifting just to fit another person’s standards.

This Valentine’s Day we must remember that love is not only expressed through the gifts we give or receive. Real love is expressed in the way we treat another and in our ability to forgive.  It is being let down but never giving up. It means learning the hard way that you can’t make someone love you no matter how hard you try.

To have and keep a sustaining love relationship means that when you are disappointed you seek a way to restore the relationship to its original standing.  Real love doesn’t allow frivolous things to destroy it. Yes, when you have a deep love relationship, you will experience heartache and sleepless nights. But real love will allow you to withstand an emotional shot from a loved one and to remain faithful to that person.

We don’t hear much about Cupid after Valentine’s Day. In fact, the merchants start to clear their shelves after February 14 to make room for the next celebrated day. So, let’s celebrate real love year-round and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten