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Residents of Trevecca Towers eagerly anticipate their monthly dose of fresh produce, food, fellowship and fun when Project Glean’s Neighborstand arrives. Project Glean is a community harvest ministry hosted by Trevecca Community Church. An interesting concept, Project Glean encourages members to adopt a “grow-two, share-one” approach in their gardens, where an extra portion is specifically grown for donation to the program. This spirit of giving extends to additional cash and other donations which allows Project Glean to bring Neighborstand to the Trevecca Towers community monthly during the fall and winter seasons and weekly during spring and summer.

In addition to providing fresh produce, Neighborstand offer refreshments and a prize raffle. The program is very popular with residents, says Trevecca Towers Community Manager Deon Trotter, adding that residents often exchange meal ideas and recipes during the event which fosters a strong sense of community.

Residents at the 1100 Studios recently were offered free flu and RSV shots at the property. This is a great way to prevent illness and stay healthy, and everyone enjoyed some delicious pizza and soda afterwards!