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To start off this New Post Wednesday, let me say…

We are grateful for each and everyone of you that work diligently for LHP. What a great team!

Now, for some news:

Did you know we’re officially on Twitter? Follow us @lhpcapital.Lastly, as you may have noticed based on this post, it’s not uncommon for our Leadership Team to change a property’s name after we’ve acquired it in our portfolio. In a recent Social Media Committee meeting, the idea came up that we should look to employees for inspiration on possible names for future property purchases.

To get your thinking cap churning, here are some property name changes that have taken place:

Meadowbrook Apartments (formerly Lyons Den)

Pinnacle Park Apartments (formerly Arbor Place)

The 1100 Studio Apartments (formerly Townview Towers)

Three Rivers Garden Apartments (formerly Meadow Lane)

If you have a name you love, submit it via email to It just might be chosen some day!

With gratitude & coffee,

Lindsay B