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What’s been happening around LHP, you ask? Here’s a synopsis of what the Social Media Team has received lately…

Jennifer Schoch, Senior Vice President of Asset Management, made a recent visit to Towers East in Greenville, SC and enjoyed helping out the Good Times event led by our friends at Legacy Housing Foundation. Dean Parker, Legacy’s events coordinator, said he thinks this was the biggest turnout they’d ever had.

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The rehab at Kingwood Arms in Manchester, TN has been completed. Martha Hopkins, Senior Vice President with LHP Management, put her creative skills to great use and did a fantastic job putting finishing decor touches around the property.

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Mary Hart took the Managers that work for her to a class at Painting with a Twist – there are some real Rembrandts in this group, don’t you agree?!

Indian Ridge in Shelbyville, KY enjoyed their monthly resident appreciation event by playing Mardi Gras bingo and feasting on King Cake!

Saving the best for last, I can’t not mention this story that Lisa from Ada Ferrell in Tullahoma, TN shared with me:

Jason, her Maintenance Supervisor and Chris, the Maintenance Supervisor from Beersheba had been completing work in a unit. When they were finished, they left and saw a resident holding her newborn baby, crying in panic at the bottom of the stairwell. Once they reached her, she explained that a grease fire had started in the kitchen, filling the apartment with smoke. Under such duress, she had forgotten that her toddler son was still inside, simply grabbing her newborn and fleeing. Both Chris and Jason ran inside the smoke-filled apartment. Chris grabbed the resident’s son from the bedroom while Jason extinguished the fire. Lisa wanted to ensure this story was heard by others and to express how proud she is to work with such great guys as Chris and Jason. Not to mention their heroic actions not only saved the young boy, but could have caused more more damage or hurt other residents if it hadn’t been caught in time.

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