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Three more LHP properties have had rehabs completed recently…Southview Apartments in Marion, VA, Walker Courts North and Walker Courts South in Jonesboro, AR.

Southview Rehab (7)  Southview Rehab (5) Southview Rehab (9)
Southview Rehab (4)

Southview Apartments has 72 units that serve low-income families. The per unit cost of the rehab at the property was around $55,000 – that makes the overall cost of the project nearly $4 million.

Walkers Court Rehab (12)

Walkers Court Rehab (2) Walkers Court Rehab (9)

Walker Courts North has 64 units while Walker Courts South has 49 units. These properties also serve low-income families. The rehab costs at these properties totaled $8.5 million, which calculates to about $75,000 per unit spent on renovations.

While we all work hard day-to-day, these photos serve as a nice reminder that what we’re doing is ultimately working to serve low-income folks with a home they can be proud of, and as a company we can know we are truly committed to excellence.

With gratitude & coffee,


Lindsay B