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Congratulations to Barry Rawdon, Tech Support Specialist in IT, who has been named an LHP Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader!

Barry handles daily inquiries from LHP corporate and property management employees regarding computer hardware and software issues. While fielding calls about problems might seem challenging, especially while maintaining friendly and helpful customer service, Barry excels at it. In fact, his colleagues praise his consistently cordial and courteous demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile to assist.

When stress inevitably arises, Barry has several coping mechanisms. “Step away from the screen” for a short break works wonders for him. However, on heavy days with high ticket volumes, it can be challenging. It’s on these days that Barry finds solace in the Serenity Prayer, reminding himself to accept the things he cannot control and move forward. But no matter the situation, he remains consistently considerate of the customer.

“I understand that when someone calls in a state of panic, it’s crucial to de-escalate the situation,” Barry explains. “Sometimes, simply being a friendly voice and acknowledging their frustration can make a big difference. We can then work together to find a solution.”

From an outsider’s perspective, one might assume Barry primarily interacts with computer hardware and software, not people. However, while resolving technical issues is the objective, Barry explains, it is relationship that is paramount.

“Ultimately, my goal is to make your day better,” Barry concludes. “If I can do that, even in a small way, it’s a success. I want you to feel good after your interaction with me.”

By ensuring property management staff have access to prompt IT support and reliable computers, Barry’s not just fixing technology, he’s equipping them to deliver exceptional service to our residents.