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Here’s another thoughtful message from LHP’s Chaplain Walter Ghosten. Did you know that Chaplain Ghosten is available to talk to any LHP employee who needs a listening ear? You can contact the Chaplain at or 865.806.4424.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said “leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” We are all leaders to some degree, so what we do or say will certainly have an impact on the outcome of life’s circumstances. In the community of Affordable Housing, leaders are faced with many problems to solve, whether they are with their employees or their properties residents. This is another reason why it is important for communities to be surrounded by compassionate and spiritual leaders.

A leader’s responsibility is to ensure that things get accomplished. However, as the workload increases, the leader will have to find assistance from capable individuals with similar abilities; or the leader will stop growing.

What keeps a leader from seeking out the right people and delegating the right tasks to them?

  1. Past hurts: We are reluctant to trust people after being let down in the past.
  2. Pride: We don’t want to share the credit with others.
  3. Perfectionism: We are not willing to allow mistakes that could occur when a new person starts a project, so our ultimate vision becomes minimized without the ability to fully flourish.

Leaders should not allow the past to stunt their growth. They should never be too proud to share their successes and they should willingly delegate tasks to others in order to continue blazing new trails to bring about innovation.

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten