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The rollout of the COVID vaccine to residents and employees at LHP properties continues. Earlier this week, Trevecca Towers hosted its second vaccination. Now, more than 55% of residents there have received their second dose of the vaccine. Some employees and additional residents received their first shot, including Trevecca I custodians L’Juan Gurley and Raymond Kimbro.

L’Juan Gurley


Raymond Kimbro

In Knoxville, Westview Towers held vaccinations in January and February and will have a third later this month. In February, a number of employees from the corporate office were able to get their first shot.

LHP Development’s Corey Shephard receives his first dose of the COVID vaccine.

Pinnacle/Meadowbrook service coordinator Cecilia Whittington and Human Resources VP Lindsay Willis give the “all good” sign for people registering to receive a vaccine.