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All is well here. I got demoted to the dining room table today and G now has the penthouse suite. We’re making the most of our co-working situation. The one upside is that I have hired on an assistant – he works for treats!
-Tracy, HR

My snack drawer has become my worst enemy. When I walk to the kitchen, I feel like I’ve been put on a battlefield. I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds in the last 18 months, but the allure of Little Debbie cakes and sour cream and onion chips has me fighting a battle between my brain and my stomach. My brain tells me that I know better, but then my stomach says, “Just one more won’t hurt, right?”. Next thing I know, the entire box of swiss rolls is gone, my brain has gone into a sugar coma, and my stomach is waving the victory flag. If I make it through the pandemic without gaining it all back, I’ll feel like that’s a win! -Kelsey, Lee Manor

Rick at Pinnacle Park is ready with his “coughy” filter!

My assistant as been pretty worthless this morning! -Debbie, HR

My trainee is demanding more nap breaks! -Brandon, HR


Has anyone tried conference call bingo? The first person to yell “bingo” gets credit for attendance! -Bob, President of Management

Balance of work and play:
Work on one side and play (sewing machine) on the other for lunch time break.
How much happier can a quilter be!?
-Carmen, TechSupport

Working From Home:

Parent’s Perception: Yay! This will be so fun!

Parent’s Reality:

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With gratitude & coffee,
Lindsay B