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Well, the first 2 rounds of the NCAA’s March Madness competition are now complete!

The following teams will be making a trip to the Sweet 16. Games will be played March 24th & 25th.

Sweet 16 Bracket(Again, I recommend viewing this in a new browser window, or printing it, to make it easier to read.)

Based on our contest’s entries, the following employees are still in the running to win this Flea Scratcher trivia:

4 Teams Advancing

  • Mary Hart (Area Mgr) – Kansas, Oregon, Oklahoma, North Carolina
  • Phil Lawson (Corp) – Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia

3 Teams Advancing

  • Brittany Schutt (Radnor) – Kansas, Texas A&M, North Carolina
  • Carmen Solomon (Corp) – Villanova, Oregon, Virginia
  • Dawn Wolfe (Chip I ) – Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina
  • Erick Hutchison (Chip I) – Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina
  • Rebecca Sterling (Hickory Hollow) – Kansas, Texas A&M, North Carolina

2 Teams Advancing

  • Brandon Gann (Corp) – Kansas, Oklahoma
  • Garrett Gresham (Corp) – Miami (Fla.), Oklahoma
  • Jay Dewalt (Chip I) – Kansas, Oklahoma

I know I’m looking forward to another exciting round of games this coming Thursday & Friday.

Check back next week to find out which of our LHP’ers have teams moving on to the final rounds of the competition!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B