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It is important and essential to know who you are in life. Where you have been is not as important as where you are going, and where you are now in life doesn’t define what you are destined to become.

Addressing the graduation class at Villanova University, journalist Anna Quindlen said, “Don’t confuse your life with your work. What you are will always be more important than what you do. There will be many others with your same degree, doing what you want to do, maybe doing it better. But you have sole custody not only of your life, but of your mind and of your heart. It’s easier to write a resume than craft a spirit or build a character. And a resume, is cold comfort when you are sad, broke, or lonely.” Her message is relevant no matter what your age.

In life, everything can be just fine and then with one test result, your world shatters. When hit with bad news, we need to rely on our faith, mental strength, and willpower to sustain us. We should try not to dwell so much on ourselves and problems; but rather, we should pray and be good to our family and friends because without them life would be meaningless.

Get a life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, bigger paycheck or larger house. Do you really think you would care about these things if you had a heart attack or found out that you had cancer? Try getting a life in which you are generous to others and yourself! Everyone wants to do well in life, but if it doesn’t happen, be satisfied with what God provides for you. Try to find peace in the midst of your storm.

A story has it that a businessman received several urgent calls about work issues before he could even get out of bed one morning. Everybody had problems they wanted solved immediately. He told his wife to forget about fixing breakfast and then he went out to start his car and it wouldn’t start; so, he called a taxi. When he got into the car, he yelled to the driver, “let’s go.” The driver asked where he wanted to go and the man shouted, “I don’t care, I have got problems everywhere.”

Have you ever experienced a situation like this where you felt so overwhelmed with problems you couldn’t even begin to think about what to do next?  Life can be this way sometimes. We can spend so much of our time worrying about yesterday and tomorrow that we forget that God is in control. Nothing can be done about yesterday but we can always pray to God.  So, Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten