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Our HR department is always on the lookout for new team members to join LHP’s family. A great way to do this is through employee referrals, which are often current employees’ family members. It turns out we have quite a few families working for various parts of LHP… check this list out:

  • Elmer and Beverly Paulsen – husband & wife team working out of Chippington I & II.
  • Jim and Bear McGuire – Jim, Bear’s father, works at The 1100 Studio as Maintenance Supervisor, while Bear works as an Area Maintenance Manager in Knoxville.
  • Michael and Nancy Hubbard – husband & wife team working out of Chippington I.
  • Michael and Chris Johnson – Mike is Director of Capital Projects, while his son Chris works in Centralized Compliance.

You might have someone in your family, or even a close friend, that is a great fit for one of our open positions. If so, encourage them to apply at

Don’t forget – if you refer someone to LHP and they end up being hired, you could be awarded a bonus of up to $300.

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