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Beginning April 1st, and continuing throughout the year, LHP Management is getting a new look! This necessary transformation evolved from a 2015 think tank made up of LHP employees, called Next Level. There will be several facets to the new structure.

To learn more, I sat down with Joe Engle, President of LHP Management, LLC. Joe explained that LHP Management will be introducing a new concept, called 1 Community.

Here’s a synopsis of 1 Community:

  • Properties within close proximity will be clustered together in small groups based on geographic location.
  • Clustered properties will work in a team environment, as if they are all part of the same community, instead of operating as individual properties.
  • There will be an expansion of the maintenance side of “the shop”.
  • Remote properties will continue to remain as traditionally structured.

Teams will be led by an Area Manager & Area Maintenance Supervisor.

As the program is rolled out, all LHP employees will receive an LHP email address. In addition, Maintenance Supervisors & Technicians will receive tablets, allowing them to access Yardi directly to receive & close out work orders. Furthermore, LHP Management will be introducing some new titles to fit overhauled job descriptions that will allow LHP employees to have a more fine-tuned focus at work.

April through June will see the program’s first region take flight. It will include three 1 Communities: New York, Bossier City, & Little Rock, to be overseen by Erin Gonzales.

Over the coming weeks, more will be unveiled regarding this transformation. Stay tuned!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B