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Beginning April 1st, and continuing throughout the year, LHP Management is getting a new look! This necessary transformation evolved from a 2015 think tank made up of LHP employees, called Next Level. There will be several facets to the new structure.

I recently chatted with Susan Howell, Senior Vice President, about a relatively uncharted course in affordable housing that LHP Management is implementing, Centralized Compliance.

One major goal of the Centralized Compliance department is to remove most of the regulatory compliance burden of the certification process from our properties, allowing the site office staff to focus on customer service, occupancy and collections. The income/rent calculations and regulatory reporting will be conducted by a Centralized Compliance staff based out of an LHP satellite office located on Summit Hill Drive in downtown Knoxville.

The staff will work in teams of a Certification Specialist, who will be processing the certifications and a Certification Assistant. Each team will be responsible for a portfolio of LHP communities. Each team will be supervised by one of two Centralized Compliance Managers who will train, mentor and monitor their teams as well as oversee regulatory and investor reporting requirements that are now conducted at the site level.

The interview process and interaction with the applicant/resident will be performed by the site staff. Centralized Compliance teams will focus on obtaining needed verifications and processing the certifications in our Yardi software program.  The physical files will still be kept at the property level and a digital copy of the files will also be maintained.

A pilot version of this program has been in the works for the past several months and has been going well. Regional Manager, Erin Gonzales’ portfolio of 1 Communities will be the first to kick off this next facet of the restructure and we can’t wait to see how it goes.

Check back with The Scruff for future updates on LHP Management’s transformation…from good to great!

Looking forward,

Lindsay B