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Beginning April 1st, and continuing throughout the year, LHP Management is getting a new look! This necessary transformation evolved from a 2015 think tank made up of LHP employees, called Next Level. There will be several facets to the new structure.

As the final piece of LHP Management’s restructure, a new program will be rolled out known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM will be headed by Tracey Stevens. Martha Hopkins will take on Tracey’s current property portfolio and assume management oversight of all LHP properties day-to-day operations.

CRM is still developing and there’s always potential to change its make-up or tweak pieces of it to ensure everything is working to the best of its ability. The focus of CRM is customer service, but this role doesn’t mean Tracey is in charge of the “balloons and cookies committee”. The overall objective is to build long-term relationships – with residents, area officials and emergency responders, and the entire community. This will all be done with an eye toward improving efficiencies and increasing profitability.

These are the 4 main functions of Customer Relationship Management:

  1. Resident Services
  2. Customer Service
  3. Community Relations
  4. Public Relations

Resident Services will be focusing on meeting the needs of the resident, so they can enjoy long-term occupancy at their LHP community. This will include proactive programming in areas such as education, finances, and wellness that are based on site-specific assessments.

Customer Service aims to provide quality customer service to residents at all points of contact. Remember, without our customers there would be no apartment rentals, no profits, and no LHP!

Community Relations will work on building a feeling of community amongst all residents at each LHP property. This will include programs such as the Tobacco Free Initiative and Neighborhood to Neighbor.

Public Relations goal is to increase brand awareness by establishing LHP as a contributing member of the community, while also educating those outside about the positive benefits of our properties.

There will be opportunities across many of our departments to work together to ensure this program is a success. From Software Support to Human Resources to Marketing and Media and others, lots of individuals will have a hand in piecing together this incredibly important piece of LHP’s transformation.

I have loved the opportunity to showcase this information on The Scruff. Like you, I am anxiously awaiting the start of these initiatives and can’t wait to watch LHP Management complete their journey from good to great!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B