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Hardships are difficult times that generally cause suffering in one’s life. Hardship can be a situation where a person is trying to cope with daily health issues either for themselves or a loved one.  Hardships related to aging can be contributing factors for an unpleasant and unhappy life.  Coping with the process of aging can cause intolerable levels of hardship that lead to suffering due to depression.

No one is immune from hardships associated with aging either for yourself or for a loved one.  In our society a person can tune into any television station and discover all types of advertisements with anti-aging messages. The ads lead you to believe that if you do certain activities or consume certain types of foods, you can slow down the aging process and live longer.  Heed this warning, never believe everything you read or watch, especially an advertisement. However, there is one person that controls the span of life and this is God.

Caring for an aging parent can bring about hardship. Taking on the role can be overly demanding of your time especially for a working person.  It can also be demanding of your resources.

Life’s perils can come at you from many different directions.  One moment you feel happiness and joy in the air and then in the next, you are faced with a condition that is difficult to endure. How do you cope? How do you work through hardship especially if it is dealing with the process of aging?  There is no one way or special recipe for coping with hardship because each individual’s problem is different, but here are three things you can do to help you cope in difficult times:

  1. The best starting place is to seek guidance by talking with someone or a professional at an institution that you trust. It will be a great stress reliever and it will provide you with the encouragement you need in fighting an uphill battle by yourself.
  2. Write down steps that you need to take and feel comfortable doing to resolve your situation.
  3. If one way doesn’t resolve your situation, then don’t give up but rather try another approach. There can be several methods to resolving your situation.

Bear in mind that God permits us to go through experiences that we don’t enjoy or understand to equip us with knowledge gained from our experiences to effectively minister to others. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten