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Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Sarah McManus, an Accountant at our Corporate office. Sarah got her cats from a former Accountant at our office, Margaret. The momma cat had “adopted” Margaret’s family and not long after, delivered six kittens!

Sarah adopted Louie and Archie, while another Corporate employee, Jennifer Schoch, Senior Vice President of Asset Management, took home one of the other kittens. Margaret kept the remaining three from the litter.

This is Sarah’s first venture into pet ownership solely on her own, but she is really loving her role!

Meet Louie, the gray cat…

His favorite activities include eating plastic, rolling in catnip, and kneading fuzzy blankets.

Meet Archie, the brown striped cat…

He enjoys tearing clothes off of hangers, running as fast as he can, and sleeping on Sarah’s chest.

Together, they love to drink from the sink and pretend to be starving every time Sarah walks into her kitchen.

They welcome her home at the end of each work day and follow her around the house at all times. She definitely could not live without them!

With gratitude & coffee,


Lindsay B