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You should enjoy each season of your life.  There is a season for everything under the sun even when we can’t see the sun and our world is dark. For example, if a relationship with someone special doesn’t last, the experience prepares you for the one that will.

Everyone’s life is lived in seasons, and to be fruitful you must recognize the season you are in and maximize it. American journalist and best-selling author Germany Kent said, “You can’t reach your potential by remaining in a past due season. Your breakthrough is coming. Strongholds are breaking. Get Ready.”

You might ask yourself this question. How can I tell when a season is starting, and one is ending? The grace that accompanied that season will pass, and what was once rewarding, will start to feel unrewarding. The Bible says a successful man or woman is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.

You can only be fruitful in your season. That is where blessing and success occur. You can’t just do it whenever you want to; it must be your appointed time. When the right season comes, it’s effortless for a tree to produce what’s stored within. And there is fruit within you that will be produced when you understand what season you are in. For example:

  • Spring is for training and discipline. That’s when you begin to see God’s purpose for your life and prepare for it.
  • Summer is for maturing what spring started. The seeds you sowed and nurtured will grow and multiply.
  • Autumn is when you no longer have the passion of youth but the steady calm of the seasoned veteran. If you are wise, you are now working smarter instead of harder. It’s time to transition and prepare for the upcoming winter.
  • Winter is when you assess your accomplishments, enjoy your rewards, pass on your wisdom, and take your bow. You have fought the good fight, kept the faith, and finished the course. If you do it right, each season can be the best season of your life.

So, enjoy your seasons and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten