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Originally constructed as a hotel in 1950, Towers East Apartments was turned into residential housing in 1978. The 269 unit property was purchased by LHP in 2006 and houses elderly residents.

Photo-A TowersE

Towers East is located at 415 N. Main Street, in Greenville, SC.

The property employs 7 people:

  • Mary Alice Crawford – Community Manager
  • Lesley Davis – Assistant Manager
  • Emily Alfakir – Leasing Agent
  • Tyrone Warner – Maintenance Supervisor
  • Markitus Wideman – Maintenance Tech
  • Adrian Bowens – Maintenance Tech
  • Thomas Bethea – Janitorial

Mary Alice says if you’re ever in town and looking for the best spot to eat, you have to check out Smoke on the Water. It’s described as a “saucy southern tavern” serving comfort food. Yum! I’m on my way!

Stay tuned next month for another LHP Property Spotlight.

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Lindsay B