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This weekend saw the completion of the Elite 8 round of March Madness 2016.

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The following teams will compete in the Final 4 on Saturday, April 2nd to determine who will play in the Championship Game:

Villanova vs. Oklahoma

North Carolina vs. Syracuse

So, who at LHP is still in it to win it?

Remember, points are awarded for correct guesses:

5 points – each correct team going to the Final 4

10 points – correct winner of overall contest

3 Teams Advancing [15 points]

  • Phil Lawson (Corp) – Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina

2 Teams Advancing [10 points]

  • Dawn Wolfe (Chip I) – Oklahoma, North Carolina
  • Erick Hutchsion (Chip I) – Oklahoma, North Carolina
  • Mary Hart (Area Mgr) – Oklahoma, North Carolina

1 Team Advancing [5 points]

  • Brandon Gann (Corp) – Oklahoma
  • Brittany Schutt (Radnor) – North Carolina
  • Carmen Solomon (Corp) – Villanova
  • Garrett Gresham (Corp) – Oklahoma
  • Jay Dewalt (Chip I) – Oklahoma
  • Rebecca Sterling (Hickory Hollow) – North Carolina

Check back here on Monday, April 4 to see who will be playing in the Championship Game!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B