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As I speak and counsel with residents and employees at LHP, one common thread that runs through our conversations is the future.  Often I ask them, “what is your vision for the future?” Most everyone talks about how things can be improved and they often use the words vision and strategy interchangeably to describe their future plans.  Many have a great vision but seldom do they have a well thought out strategy to implement the vision.

As a young college student studying Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee, I learned that a great vision must be conceptual but also practical and well thought out.  A detailed strategic plan—one that encompasses a detailed view of what will be in the days ahead–is a reflection of a strong vision.

I have realized that the future is not something that just happens. It is not a “done deal” waiting for a response.  It is a reality that is created by those who are strong enough to exert control over their environment and who are driven to reshape their future.

There are three major components needed to usher a vision into reality. These components can be applied for self-growth in many different phases of life: purchasing a home, improving a marriage, parenting children or preparing financially for retirement.  People living in affordable housing communities seeking to move into conventional housing certainly should use these steps to achieve their vision.

  1. Embrace the vision. The person who has a vision must own their vision so much so that it becomes a part of their daily conversation, meditations and prayer. They may feel inspired by a higher power.
  2. Cast your vision. Let your family and friends know about your vision. Having as many people as possible supporting your vision will help you. There will be opportunities for them to bring resources and to develop innovative ways to assist as you strive toward your preferable future.
  3. Implement your vision. This is the final step to achieve your vision. It is the process of putting your decision to move forward into effect.

Dream big and never give up.  Never give up. Never give up.

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten