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Bouquets of fresh flowers are brightening residents’ spirits at Trevecca Towers. The bouquets are delivered free to every resident each week, and after a long year of isolation and social distancing, the cheerful flowers are bringing smiles to everyone, according to Trevecca Community Manager Karen Kiefer.

The flower gifts are the brainchild of resident Terry Livingston who earlier this spring started giving the flowers donated by Trader Joe’s to a handful of residents who were delighted to receive them. With the help of his friends, Terry started getting enough bouquets to do a floor at a time. Then it snowballed. Terry approached Karen to see if they could deliver a bouquet to every resident in the building each week.

Trader Joe’s was happy to donate more flowers—enough for all residents at both towers—if they could manage the pick up and delivery. Karen met with Terry and helped him work out some of the logistics. Dr. Iris Gordon, a professor at Trevecca Nazarene University, was able to make arrangements to pick up the flowers and enlisted two students to help out.

The flowers are delivered in huge plastic tubs. They have to be fed, watered, arranged and wrapped each time, a process that takes about 12 hours. Karen credits Terry and two other residents, Jenny Hall and Marge Black, for doing most of the work. It’s a huge undertaking, Karen says, but it is also a huge hit and residents love it.




Her smile says it all!  Resident Felicia Brown on her way to share her flowers with her two daughters, one who just had a baby.