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A great writer once expounded that “consciously competent and authentic people engender credibility and trust.” Thus, relationships between such individuals become reciprocal. Leaders have the right to expect that others will compassionately recognize them as fallible human beings. When leaders openly acknowledge their weaknesses and mistakes, constituents reciprocate by seeing these as opportunities to learn and grow. Credibility is earned with time and experience and grace is granted to be human.

God promises that whatever you need today, you can be assured of. His comforting words in the Bible say, “blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Let’s face it, we cannot solve all our problems or needs. If you could have solved the problem by yourself, you would already have done it.

Isn’t it interesting how as we get older, we tend to become more patient, even though we have less time left? So, why is that? It is because we have perspective. Our problems haven’t changed that much, but our perspective has. Things that once upset us don’t anymore because we have lived long enough to know that God’s promises can sustain us during difficult times. This is his love for humanity: “Love ought to look like something.”

When we have perspective, it produces patience. We can be happy and have joy when we run into problems and trials because we know God’s love looks like something. God’s promises exemplify what love should look like as a divine leader. The best leaders identify what promises they are being held to and honor those promises.

In so doing, great leaders create a rich and inspiring culture, one in which the organization’s values, beliefs, ethics, contributions, and results are aligned. They create an organization and culture that makes a difference in people’s lives. They ensure that individuals find meaning in the work they do. They realize that business can be a place that matters in the lives of all involved. Their caring acts are creations of “what love ought to look like.”

Finally, our hope and faith in God’s promises are what keep us strong and steady. When that happens, you can hold on in the midst of trying times no matter what happens because you know that all will be well. So, Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten