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If you’ve had a Zoom meeting with Lindsay Willis, Vice President of Human Resources, this past year, you’ve met Murphy. The black Flat-coat retriever is usually seated right beside her, his bright eyes alert and his long, silky ears cocked at attention.  Murphy has loved having his human work from home during the pandemic and Lindsay says, “he’s been a great office-mate.”

Loyal as the day is long, Murphy follows Lindsay wherever she goes and sleeps on the floor beside her bed every night. “He lays by my bed all day until I come home from work,” she says. “He recognizes the sound of my car and is waiting at the garage door when I walk in.”

The devoted canine companion is a little lazy she admits, but also smart. He is trained to “sit, lie down, stay, heal, and “place” on top of just about anything (see the photos.) The 7-year-old retriever is also very kind and gentle to Lindsay’s youngest son, Ben, who has special needs. Murphy lets Ben hug and roll all over him and is unperturbed when Ben props up his iPad on Murphy’s back. In the evening, Murphy helps Ben get ready for sleep and hops up on the bed to give Ben a hug every night.

Lindsay says life is just better with a dog. The Scruff agrees, especially a dog like Murphy.

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