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Today, we celebrate Susan Howell who has spent over 30 years in this industry with us…from her time at Wood Properties, to her time at Lawler-Wood, to her present work with us at LHP as Senior Vice President.

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So many wonderful things can be said about Susan.  But, let’s start with the facts:

  • Susan loves red wine and anything that has to do with Italy.
  • Susan loves to dance and was a ballet dancer once upon a time.
  • She changes the color of her computer desktop wallpaper daily to match her outfit.
  • She is always dressed to the nines.

(If you haven’t already grabbed the kleenex, I encourage you to do so… now.)

Susan, You embody hard work and optimism.  You inspire me and others to always be passionate.  Thank you for your support and advice over the years, you are a great colleague and friend.  You’ve had a brilliant career and now it’s time for a fantastic retirement!  I hope your days are filled with friends, family, relaxation, and all the travel you can stand. – Lindsay Willis

I remember when I first met Susan . It was in training in Knoxville. I remember thinking ….she is not only knowledgeable, she is very encouraging. She was my sense of welcome, “I’m here if you need me.”  – Towanda Matthews

I will never hear these words without thinking of Susan. Lost Easter eggs (because when I called her, I was as lost as last year’s Easter Eggs). We Love you Susan! -Liz Boyle

Susan, I consider it an honor to have known you and worked with you. In the interaction we’ve shared, you have been a huge inspiration to me with your steadfast dedication, pleasantness, and ever helpful attitude.  You are always respectful, kind and one classy lady.  We at LHP have been beyond blessed to have worked with you and will miss you so very much. With thankful tears, Avaline Helton

For me personally, I’ll just miss walking past her in the hallway and being greeted with a hello and a smile every time. – Brandon Gann

Susan, you’re one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and definitely best dressed women I know! I will miss chatting with you in the elevator, recognizing your car in the garage knowing you’re one of the first folks in the office, and your general positive attitude towards any crazy endeavor I mention to you that I’m undertaking. It won’t be the same around here without you, Sus. You will be SO missed. -Lindsay Brazier

The year that we had our Christmas party at the bowling alley downtown, Susan was on my lane.  She said her feet were KILLING her in those bowling shoes.  When we finished, she put her stilettos back on and said, “Oh, that feels so much better.”  How could stilettos be more comfortable than bowling shoes?! – Pam Dickey

When I arrive at work, I always greet Susan with a “Good Morning Neighbor!”. So now, I will miss my neighbor very much. Have a blessed retirement. – Chaplain Ghosten

In the short time that I have known Susan, she has been incredibly delightful to be around.  She always greets me with a smile and good morning when I am visiting in Knoxville and when she leaves the office for the day, she always tells Jane and me ‘You gals have a great evening!’.  Susan has helped to make my first few months at LHP warm and welcoming.  I will truly miss Susan, but I am so excited for her next season of life and wish her all the best on her next adventure! – Kimberly Young

You’re the embodiment of Professionalism and Kindness. Despite the high stress position you are often in, you never fail to remain cheery and optimistic.  When I find myself in difficult work situations, I often try to ask myself how you would handle it…calmly and methodically.  I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you twice!  Early in my career in the industry and now in a completely different field, you continue to be a fantastic mentor.  There is no replacing our Susan.  It can’t be done. – Brad Brazier

As you move into this next chapter in your life, we send you well wishes and congratulations on a job so well done!

We’ll miss you!

With gratitude & coffee,
Lindsay B