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In life, the agonizing self-examining question that all of us are faced with from time to time is “do I or do I not!” Almost all major decisions to make a change in life must be answered with this question. We spend many hours contemplating and meditating thoughtfully over decisions that will alter the road we are presently travelling. Some will have dire consequences.

However, know that everything you have been through, and everything that you will go through, including the things you will not understand, are preparation for what God has in store for you. The problem with most of us is that we find it difficult to accept the things we go through as preparation for change. The “do I or do I not” decisions lead to choices that we will most likely live with for a life time. So, it only makes good sense to seek advice when making profound choices to change.

However, common sense should prevail in all of our decisions. Believe it or not some people are mentally driven to make five or more life changing choices over a lifetime.  Aside from family, most individuals are never engaged in the same relationship or activity for a lifetime and even relationships are fluid. At some point in our life, we are moved by our spirit to make a professional career change, relationship change, attend a different church or change our daily activities.

People make changes for many reasons. My daughter tells me that she gets bored easily and it drives her to make frequent changes in her lifestyle. There can be various reasons for making a change in life. However, the brevity of life doesn’t afford the human race many options whenever we make the wrong decision. In our decision-making, comfort can be found thinking about the word of God who said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. So be strong and courageous and I will lead you as I have promised.”

Are you standing today at the crossroads of change, contemplating a new season or assignment and feeling anxious about it? If so, keep these tips in mind:

1)Be ready to live with the outcome.

2)Be sure you are mentally prepared.

3)Be faithful to your decisions.

4)Don’t force decisions that don’t make good sense or fit. It might cost you many agonizing days of grief.

Finally, remember when you are ready to make that earth-shaking change in your life God will show you the way because he never wastes talent, willingness and experience. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten