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Our fourth Up Close & Personal feature is on LHP’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Amy Styles. Amy came on board with LHP in December 2015.


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1. Name 3 people, dead or alive, that you would like to have dinner with & why.

  • Amelia Earhart – for starters, I would like to ask “what in the world happened to you?”
  • My father’s mother – she died from TB when my dad was 7 or 8. He was one of the youngest of eight kids, his father was frequently absent, and the family was poor. Despite a less than stellar childhood which took its toll on most of his siblings, my father grew up to be a kind, caring and hardworking man. I wonder how much of his character came from his mother.
  • Hillary Clinton – her ambition and energy impress me. I’d like to know what drives her.

2. What’s on your DVR right now?

  • I rarely use my DVR. I use Apple TV at home. To see new films I go out, because I love movie theater popcorn!

3. What book(s) do you have by your bedside?

  • South Beach Diet and it’s dusty.

4. What are 3 things we don’t know about you?

  • I have started but not completed more craft projects than I can recall. The cost of these incomplete endeavors is $$$$!
  • A “crawdad” once pinched my little toe so tight I thought I’d lose it. I still have the scar.
  • My go-to chocolate for stress relief is Hershey’s Kisses!

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