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Dr. Jeff Boruff is a wonderful medical doctor who practices in Knoxville and who has been featured in several news articles about his success and areas of expertise. Dr. Boruff has been my primary care doctor for more than 20 years. During this period, I have benefitted from his medical care as well as his willingness to take the time to answer any question I might have concerning my health.

What makes Dr. Boruff unique, though, is his genuine care and concern for his patients. His caring spirit radiates throughout the office and I believe it plays a part in the success of his medical practice.

God wants all of us to succeed in life. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, he can equip us with the tools, strategies and relationships necessary for success. Mother Teresa was a kind, caring person of great strength as one United States senator observed while touring Kolkata in East India with her. They visited the Home for the Dying where sick children are cared for in their final stages of life. They visited the dispensary where the poor lined up by the hundreds to receive medical attention.

As the senator watched Mother Teresa minister to the sick and dying people, feeding and nursing those left by others to die, the Senator was overwhelmed by the immensity of the suffering she and her co-workers faced daily.  He inquired, “How can you bear the load without being crushed beneath it?”  Mother Teresa responded, “My dear senator, I am not called to be successful, I am called to be faithful.”

At LHP, in this great city of Knoxville and around the world, some people are called to serve in the limelight while others are called to serve in the shadows. Some receive business accolades and rewards, but many do not.  Should we be discouraged? No, not for one moment! With God, our faithfulness as servants counts as success. One day when we stand before Him we will hear these words: “Well done, my good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things, enter into the joy of your lord.”

If you find yourself in need of support and your pastor, doctor or prayer partner is not available, remember that you can call on a faithful God, who said, “Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” God is on the job 24/7, keeping your life from harm long before you even know that trouble is knocking at your door. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten