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In this new norm that we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are discovering ways to social distance from friends and family by telecommunication and with other technologies. Recently a sports commentator spoke with a newly appointed head football coach, who said that the CDC stay at home order had given him the opportunity to connect with his family in a different way. Staying at home has allowed a higher level of appreciation for the care his wife provides their two boys. The oldest son is a special needs child who requires constant care. The coach’s extra time at home has opened his eyes to the awesome task his wife accomplishes each day.

Now the coach has become an agent for inspiring change as have many athletes who are giving testimony to the positive things they have experienced during the pandemic. They find themselves giving more of their time and resources to those who are less fortunate in their community. Good-hearted people are finding constructive responses to the crisis, such as giving and doing more for their favorite charitable organizations.

They say, “it takes tragic, unexpected and unanticipated events to occur to bring people together.” One such event is a funeral. As pastor of First Baptist Church, Knoxville, I witness on many occasions, family members who haven’t spoken or seen each other for years vowing to now stay in touch. This pandemic is an agent bringing families closer together. Children are finding joy in having their parents around them. Husband and wives are better connected, and they are having a greater appreciation for each other. Where a relationship was on the brink of collapse, it is now thriving in hope, faith and love for each other. These are great things that have come out of the pandemic crisis.

What positive changes have you made or changes that have benefited you during this pandemic crisis? Write them down and read them each day so that they will resonate in your mind! Think on these things and allow God to speak into your heart. So, Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten