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Photo-Bldg Chip1

Chippington Towers I is the 4th oldest of the properties LHP currently owns. The acquisition of the 213 unit Elderly property took place in 2005.

Chippington I was built around 1977 and is located at 94 Berkley Drive in Madison, TN.

The property employs 8 people:

  • Shannan Jay – Community Director
  • Beverly Paulsen – Assistant Community Director
  • DaNeal Aguilar – Assistant Community Director
  • Erick Hutchison – Maintenance Director
  • Brittany Babb – Maintenance
  • Jeremiah Dewalt – Maintenance
  • Michael Hubbard – Resident Services
  • Nancy Hubbard – Resident Services

The staff at Chippington I recommends trying out La Hacienda if you’re ever in the Nashville area. The traditional Mexican menu sounds amazing. Perhaps your coffee loving blogger needs to take a road trip!

Stay tuned next month for another LHP Property Spotlight.

With gratitude and coffee,


Lindsay B