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While we still live in the world’s most prosperous country, most Americans are concerned about COVID-19’s impact on our economy.  Things are much different now that we have 16% unemployment.  Businesses have closed and some will be permanently closing their doors to the public due to lack of finances. The recommended social distancing practices require stores and restaurants to space patrons further apart which results in fewer customers and reduced sales. Nonprofit organizations depending on monetary gifts are being hit the hardest with a downward turn in giving.

With so many concerned about their financial wellbeing, financial expert Daniel Levin offers a different way of thinking. He says “prosperity isn’t in what you have attained, but rather in what you give away.” If you want to become a more generous person you cannot wait for your income to increase; you must allow God to change your heart. That means looking for a reason to give every day and finding a compelling cause or worthy ministry. You will not have to look far. There are many organizations all around us. Likewise, there are many ways to give and it does not always have to be financial. We can contribute to an organization through volunteer work.

So, we find ourselves in a new way of life that requires a new way of thinking and behaving. Here are some of the challenges we face and how we can change our responses:

  • Old behavior: giving unsolicited advice. New behavior: listening and trusting medical and science professionals to advise us about our social activities.
  • Old behavior: explaining your point of view.. New behavior: waiting to hear other points of view and encouraging them.

Everyone needs help when it comes to how much to give and which organization to give to. However, you are the judge, not anyone else, and it is up to you to decide.  God wants to minister to each person through others and he will bless each person when they do it. Your spirit may guide you to do a certain thing or take a risk you never imagined you would take. The wisest thing is always to submit to God’s plan, regardless of whether it makes sense to you. God knows all things, including your future, and his directions is always for your benefit. Remember we are our brother’s keeper because we are all in this pandemic together, and we will get through it together by reaching out to others. So, Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten