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The 1100 Studio Apartments in Knoxville recently held their first ever Health and Wellness Fair. The event was arranged by the Resident Service Coordinators, Johnnetta and Jannette, who work at the property on behalf of NHE. Around 99 residents attended the Health and Wellness Fair.


The half day event showcased 12 different vendors ranging from the Knox County Health Department to Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center. Prizes were raffled off to attendees that included a $50 gift card to Publix, and a fruit basket from Food City. Not to mention, popular local DJ “Sterl the Pearl” helped the event’s atmosphere by doing announcements, playing music, and encouraging line dancing from residents!

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The Accounts Payable team was recently presented with a new set of coffee mugs from our Chaplain Walter Ghosten. Lisa Scarbrough, the head of the department had this to say about the unexpected surprise:

Our friend and Chaplain recently surprised our department with “Life is Good” coffee mugs. We know LHP’s properties enjoy the Chaplain’s visits, but we love to have Walter here at Corporate, too. Many of our conversations revolve around life experiences, paste and present. Just having him in the office is an encouragement! Many times when you pass Walter’s office he’s deep in thought, but other times he’s out and about greeting others int he office. In the AP department, we appreciate his kindness, encouragement, and wisdom. Most of all – we enjoy his sense of humor and laughter. After all…laughter, kindness towards others, and encouragement helps keep all of us going. As the mugs say “life is good”, in good times and bad. We learn in the bad times what to appreciate in the good. Thanks so much Walter. We appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness toward us.

-Lisa, Robin, Devon, and Tong

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