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At the end of last week, I received some more great photos of LHP’ers showing off their support of Red Nose Day 2016. Thanks again for joining in on the fun!

Buffington (5) Buffington (4)

Lake Road Buffington (1)

Martha K Hopkins Red Nose Erin Gonzales Red Nose Mary Hart.Red NosePlaza Hills Flenniken


Also, Martha Hopkins shared a great story she heard from Blake Davidson, Maintenance Supervisor of Hickory Forest in Nashville, TN:

Blake was in the grocery store buying groceries when he noticed an older couple in front of him in line. The man was wearing a military hat. Blake began talking to him and learned that he was a Korean War veteran. He thanked the man for his service to our country.

Blake also noticed that the couple didn’t appear to have an overabundance of money. After the cashier rang them up, the total was a little over $40. Blake told the couple that he would like to pay for their groceries, in honor of the man being a veteran.

On Blake’s way out of the grocery store, he couldn’t resist the lottery machine and bought a ticket. With the ticket, Blake won $500.

Now isn’t that a great way to spend Memorial Day!?


Looking forward,


Lindsay B