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Employees at LHP’s corporate office are parting ways with their ‘old’ desk phones and embracing a new way of calling through the internet. Starting today, the corporate office is using Microsoft Teams and VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, for its phone services. Employees will dial and receive phone calls using the computer and their physical desk phones will go the way of the dinosaur. Here’s a screen shot of the phone keypad on a computer monitor:

The new system will be much less expensive to operate and maintain than the land line system, and it offers more modern communication features for employee teams and remote workers.

Westview Towers has another great resident appreciation idea to share. Manager Jennifer Brown recently treated residents to a pack of donuts with this sweet note:

Chaplain Walter Ghosten continues his visits to LHP properties, and after a long year of seclusion and isolation, employees are happy to welcome him back. Do you recognize anyone?


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