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The winner of LHP’s Property Photo Contest is from Kingsport West in Kingsport. Assistant Manager Miranda Thompson submitted a beautiful photo of the property showing the playground equipment’s rainbow of colors surrounded by perfectly maintained grounds and lawn. The blue sky is dotted with puffy white clouds, and the overall effect is one of happiness and peace, looking like the perfect place for a family to call home.

Congratulations and thank you Miranda for participating. You will be awarded a $100 gift card for your winning photo!

A very unique photo also caught the eye of the judges. Matt Jackson, Community Manager of North Cleveland Tower, artfully arranged the letters NCT in the foreground of a photo he took from the ground looking up at the property. The very different view of a property impressed the judges and they decided to give Matt an honorable mention award and a $50 gift card.


The Scruff appreciates everyone who submitted a photo. Thank you.