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On June 7, 2016, the front page headline in my local newspaper read “Vets, families recall D-Day landing.” D-Day was a pivotal moment in World War II, where thousands of U.S., British, Canadian and French troops were weakening the Nazis’ hold on Western Europe after they suffered a punishing defeat in a major battle. This was a time in history where soldiers found themselves hard pressed, pushing through enemy defense.   I recalled the newspaper article about soldiers engaged in a horrific battle in World War II as I was counseling a resident who was facing difficult times with aging gracefully.  I said she would need to find the strength and have faith in pushing through her tough times.

All of us have faced days in our life where we found ourselves trying to understand “why me” or “what can I do” moments. Going through a divorce can cause deep depression, especially when children are involved. The loss of a job, failing health, the death of a loved one or scraping together enough resources to make it to the next check are all tough times that you must find enough fortitude to push through.

Every day we are reminded by the events of the world how our job, our health, our relationships and our investments can vanish overnight. When you are pushing through tough times in the delivery room, in the operating room, in the nursing home, in the unemployment line, in criminal proceedings, and in divorce court, just remember that with faith, positive thinking and support, including my listening ear, you will get through it.

Faith is when you believe in something and believing in yourself is powerful. Focusing on your faith will keep you from falling apart.  Today you may be living on the sunny side of the street, but if you live long enough adversity will come knocking on your door. When it does, you will discover that things like power, possessions, and popularity won’t sustain you.  Your faith in yourself and all things you hold dear will.

When you are pushing through tough times, don’t give up, and like a soldier in battle, be brave and push on.  Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten